Destinies are changed in moments of faith.

“You’ll never get FCC approval for a radio station that covers the greater New Orleans area. They’ve all been reserved decades ago.”

That’s what the broadcast engineer told us with a polite chuckle when the FCC opened a brief application window for Non-Commercial Education (NCE) radio station licenses after an entire decade of refusing to accept new applications from non-profit organizations.

We only heard of the FCC window by chance just in time to apply. It has only been through divine appointments and the favor of God that we have come this far. To say this is a miracle would be an understatement. And now with your partnership and the Lord’s blessing we will continue to take full advantage of this incredibly powerful ministry tool to advance the kingdom of God. “To whom much has been given, much will be required.” Luke 12:48

To the shock of many industry professionals, the Lord had hidden away not just any frequency, but the largest fm NCE radio frequency in Southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Through His divine favor, our application was selected out of a group of over ten qualified applicants and we were awarded this permanent license to broadcast the FCC’s maximum allowable 100,000 watts of power on The Bridge Radio 88.7 fm.

Our region is one of the top 50 radio markets in the nation according to the official Arbitron ratings. This gigantic coverage area will potentially reach over two million residents in addition to hundreds of thousands of daily commuters and annual visitors, as well as anyone with computer access worldwide through our live streaming website.