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Thanks for considering a partnership with 88.7 The Bridge!

We are a COMMUNITY supported station which relies on businesses and individuals to keep us on the air. Your business can be used by God to impact the Southeast Louisiana/Gulf Coast region by supporting Christian radio which connects people to God and each other while strengthening them in their daily walk.  You’ll join the growing number of businesses that support the non-profit ministry of 88.7 The Bridge. Here is some information to start you on your way.

What is Business Sponsorship on The Bridge?

Business sponsorship is a way to financially support the ministry of The Bridge through your business, non-profit organization or church on a short- or long-term basis. When you support The Bridge through your business or organization, you’ll also receive acknowledgments on the air and/or website as a benefit.  You’ll be making a statement that your business stands for the Lord and supports the ministry of 88.7 The Bridge.


What do I receive as a result of my sponsorship on The Bridge?

Bridge Business sponsors receive announcements on the radio as a result of their support. The number of announcements is dependent on the level of contribution and the length of the agreement. The benefits of business sponsorship are available to both non-profit organizations and commercial businesses. Sponsors who sign up to support The Bridge for 3 months or greater are considered Business/Ministry Partners.  Partners also receive a listing on The Bridge’s website with contact information for the length of time they are on the air.

Business Partners                  Ministry Partners


What is Non-commercial radio?

Any station on the radio dial below 91.9 is recognized by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) as a Non-Commercial radio station. That means that we can not sell commercials but we CAN thank businesses on the air for their support. For your business, we’ll announce: Your business name, Your address and web address, Your phone number, and Up to three products or services you offer. Although we are limited by FCC rules so we cannot announce a call to action, price information, or comparative information, we CAN introduce your business to thousands of listeners each week. The FCC allows much more leniency on spots written for Non-profit organizations. Non-profit announcements sound very much like what you may hear on a commercial radio station. 88.7 The Bridge announcements are designed to provide listeners valuable information about your business or organization. We don't tell people what to do. We give listeners information that they use and act upon.

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