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In Defense of Christian Radio

Posted by Brant Hansen on

Look, I get it. “Christian radio” is many things, and not all of them great. I’ve worked in different radio formats, but have spent most of my time on Christian pop stations. I’ve seen all the sides of it. I know the artists, the record companies, the other Christian...

A Final Word on Saeed Abedini

Posted by Brant Hansen on

I feel sheepish writing this, for reasons I’ll explain. But I feel sheepish not writing it, too. So I’m writing this. Saeed Abedini was a listener to our radio show. He lived in Boise, Idaho, before being arrested and held prisoner in Iran. We talked about him a lot on the show, not...

The Myth of Private Sin

Posted by Brant Hansen on

A friend of mine did something really, really bad a couple years ago.  Real bad.  Not “illegal” bad, but… bad enough that even this week, it showed up on page two of a metro newspaper, a thousand miles away from where he did it. I love this guy.  He’s...