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I’d Love to Speak at Your Thing

Posted by Brant Hansen on

Here's me, trying to show you what it might look like to have me on stage in front of some drums.

Now that my kids are out of the house, I’m much more available to speak. For some reason, I’m more comfortable on stage than, you know, interacting with people. I’ve spoken a lot of places, and I enjoy it because I have things to say. Plus, I like the comedic parts, because they’re mostly unintentional.

If you’re interested in having me come speak at your conference/church event/corporate thing/royal coronation/WWE “Smackdown”/whatever, do let us know.

I can talk about a bunch of stuff.

  • Unoffendable: The Radical (and Wonderfully Freeing) Truth About Anger
  • Mr. Spock Goes to Church: Good News for Spiritual Misfits!
  • God’s Starting Lineup: The Truth About God’s Heart for the Poor
  • Jesus and Asperger’s Syndrome
  • The Big Sucker Punch: Why “Sin” is Real, and How It Works

Or, I can come talk about the profound healing work CURE, and with your group, we can heal some kids together!

Contact Michael at Lovell-Fairchild at 214.616.0320 or email him: 

A few nice things people totally said with a straight face:

“CMB was privileged to have Brant Hansen speak at our annual conference. His powerful words spoke life into our attendees. We knew he would do an incredible job but had no idea of the magnitude of his impact!  Everyone walked away wanting more Brant. He was our top rated speaker which is not an easy accomplishment.”

Michelle Younkman, President Christian Music Broadcasters

“At our company we regularly bring in prominent speakers to speak with our employees. Some of those speakers have included Franklin Graham, Truett Cathy and Brant Hansen. We have had no more popular speaker than Brant.

Our employees loved his down to earth and relatable style, and he is the only speaker we have invited back for a repeat presentation. I can highly recommend Brant Hansen as a speaker.”

Bill Yeargin, CEO CorrectCraft / Nautique Boats

“Brant is one of the most engaging thinkers and communicators in the country.”

John Frost, national radio consultant, Goodratings Strategic Services

“After reading Brant’s book, ‘Unoffendable’, I wanted to have him come and speak to our congregation. We have several thousand people in four weekend services, and it is no small undertaking to find a guest speaker who is able to bring a consistent, impactful message in all four services. Brant did just that; his quick-witted humor comes through in person just as much as it does in his writing! Brant brought us a challenging and convicting message – but it was saturated in humor that left us laughing until it hurt. At the same time, Brant shared the scriptures in a poignant and moving way. I loved having Brant as a guest speaker, and I would highly recommend him!”

John Hansen (no relation, by the way) Lead Pastor Centerpoint Church, Murrieta CA


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