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The Single Mom & Comfort

Posted by Amanda Carroll on

God doesn’t promise the comfortable. He promises to be your comforter.
It’s been 3 years now since my professional life became very uncomfortable and I became a self employed single mom. The daily reliance on God to provide for me and help me parent has taught me about hope, fear, doubt, and trust.
God didn’t make our lives extremely financially comfortable, but He brought us TIME together, and a wealth of experience in trusting and believing His promises. We have everything we need. He has comforted us.
This moment makes it worth it. It’s summer, my kids are home from school and when they wake up they are welcome to come into my studio to cuddle while I work.
Where is your comfort?  Right now, take a step back from whatever your current “uncomfortable” situation is.  Let’s imagine you are sitting in first class on an airplane, in luxurious comfort, and look down to see your Single Mom Life from above.
You see yourself rushing around, scrambling to get out the door, drop the kids off, and get on time to work.  You are frazzled.  But, from above you see a woman making it happen.  The kids are smiling in the back seat, they love you.  You see a woman getting to work and being successful.  From above, you see a woman kicking some serious booty at work and feeing fulfilled.  You see a woman praying to God for help to get through the day.  You see a woman receiving God’s answers. You see a woman loved by God.
That’s the moment right there.  There’s your comfort.  God did not promise a comfortable life, but He has promised to be your comfort as you live.
When you are in the moment life is intense, but from above it’s all going according to plan.
God brings you comfort everyday.  He gave you that job.  He gave you those kids.  He is providing a life for you.
There’s a lot of comforting that goes on in this crazy uncomfortable Single Mom Life. Today I pray that you find this leveling comfort tops.  He loves you.  He sees you.  He’s helping you.


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